When the Dj's from around the world meet the dancer with a dance from around his univer you have this night by WKNDR

From the four corners of the globe (POL, ARG, USA, SP) the jazzy trio *boom/clack* (#boomclack) gathers in Athénée 4 for a night of electrified jazz and chill beats. Famous for bringing cool jazz to the intimate Ibiza parties of Naomi Campbell and David Beckham, and more recently to the Warsaw underground scene, *boom/clack* gives a unique live jazz performance not to be missed. *boom/clack* will be followed by a special Laolu DJ set. Expect the unexpected with movement by Ivan Larson Ndengue.

DiDi Lezcano on drums & selector, Nicholas Dominictal on vola trumpet, Adam Czykmate on violin


Laolu: https://soundcloud.com/laolu

Event link :