Participation of IVAN LARSON Project Kiss Bang Bang Installing Andrey Alexa and Erika Irmler "Dance Inside" shows a video projected on the scale 1: 1.
Concept graph: Kiss bang bang



The first battle where Dancers meet Beatmakers. Here's the preselections - 1st french channel about Hip hop dance and urban culture.

HipHop Workshop given in the Groove'N'Moove Festival video By Aleksani Costa 

What do i teach ?

- Base of hiphop dance and base of social dance
- How to play with music and people when you dance
- AND value of hiphop culture: Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun

" La Compagnie Caractère "

is a dance company specialized in urban dances Created in February 2014 this company was born under the initiative of the festival "Groove'n'move". At its beginning the company is under the choreographic direction of David Colas renowned French choreographer. Since July 2014, the company is independent and choreographs thers pieces

In 2015, a group of Swiss dancers from Geneva gathered to go to Cameroon. They organized a festival, gathered the Cameroonian hip-hop community and made a film about the cultural exchange they experienced. This documentary tells the story behind this project and the issues involved in such an adventure. This film was made in January 2017 for the course "Film in Social Science" at the University of Geneva.